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American Chinatown
American Kickboxer
American Kickboxer II
American Ninja
American Ninja II
American Ninja III: Blood Hunt
American Samurai
American Streetfighter
Angel of Destruction
Angel Town
Back in Action
Best of the Best
Black Belt Jones
Black Samurai
Blood Chase
Blood Hands
Blood Ring
Bloodsport 2
Breathing Fire
Capital Punishment
China O’Brien
Chinatown Connection
City Dragon
College Kickboxers
Contemporary Gladiator
Cyborg Cop
A Dangerous Place
Day of the Panther
Deadbeat at Dawn
Deadly Bet
Death Match
Devil’s Express
Dragon Fury
Dragon Hunt
The Dynamite Brothers
East L.A. Warriors
Enforcer from Death Row
Enter the Ninja
Excessive Force
Expect No Mercy
Expert Weapon
Fearless Tiger
Fight for Honor
Fight to Win
Fighting Spirit (aka King of the Kickboxers 2)
Final Impact
Fists of Iron
Fists of Steel
For Hire (aka Lethal Ninja)
Force: Five
Force of the Ninja
Guyver: Dark Hero
Hardcase and Fist
Hard Justice
Honor and Glory
Karate Cop
Karate Cops (aka Hawkeye)
Kickboxer 2
The Killing Machine
King of the Kickboxers
L.A. Streetfighters (aka Ninja Turf)
Last Man Standing
The Last Ninja
Lethal Ninja
Live by the Fist
Low Blow
Macho Man
Manhattan Chase
Martial Law
The Master Demon
Miami Connection
Mission of Justice

N - Z

Night Hunter
Night Master
Night of the Kickfighters
Nine Deaths of the Ninja
Ninja III: The Domination
Ninja Busters
Ninja Death
Ninja Demon’s Massacre
Ninja Phantom Heroes
Ninja Warriors
No Retreat, No Surrender
No Retreat, No Surrender II
No Retreat, No Surrender III
One Man Army
Only the Strong
Operation Golden Phoenix
Parole Violators
Pray for Death
Private Wars
Psycho Kickboxer
Rage and Honor
Raw Force
Revenge of the Ninja
Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire II
Sakura Killers
Shootfighter: Fight to the Death
Silent Assassins
Street Soldiers
Sword of Heaven
Sworn to Justice
Talons of the Eagle
TC 2000
Terminator Woman
Tiger Claws
To Be the Best
To the Death
Tough and Deadly
Trained to Kill
True Vengeance
Under the Gun
U.S. Seals II
Virtual Combat
Weapons of Death
White Phantom


  1. This movie might have been about a guy out for revnge not sure.
    I'm looking for a movie I saw back in 94 or 95 I think I don't know if it was made in those years it was a martial arts or action crime movie very gory and disturbing.
    I cant recall the name or the actors only these 3 scenes The 1 scene that stands out in my mind. There was a part in the movie where this fight takes place I think in a bar maybe this guy grabs this big guy with a beard I think? and starts twisting his arm around until his bone pops out then tears his arm off or half off. The 2 scene I recall is a guy who gets his arms broken then put in a car the bad guys pour a bottle
    of liqure down his mouth then drive him off a cliff. The 3 scene is towards the end? where this Asain bad guy with black no knuckle gloves and a gotee gets his head blown off from a shotgun by the same guy who tore the big guys arm off. This is the only description of this movie I can give. I cant not find this film any where can you help me? I only saw this movie towards the end I never saw this movie on TV again?

  2. Just one quick suggestion for review - SIDE KICKS. Would be great to get your take on it.


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