As an ambassador for Fist of B-List and the wider genre of bonkers Western chopsocky films, I've done a few guest spots on some of my favorite podcasts over the past few years. Check the episode descriptions below to see what kicks you in the earholes.

Episode #298: Furious College Kickboxers: "This week, Sammy and Large William are joined by great friend of the show Karl Brezdin for coverage of Furious (1984) directed by Tim Everitt and College Kickboxers (1992) directed by Eric Sherman!!! We had a great time talking about these films, we think you are gonna enjoy this episode!"

Episode #267: Hong Kong Blood Hands: "This week Sammy and Will are joined by Mattsuzaka (chucknorrisatemybaby.com) and Karl Brezdin (fistofblist.com) for a Christmas episode we think you will really enjoy!!! The gents cover Blood Hands (1990) directed by Teddy Page and starring Sean P. Donahue and Hong Kong Godfather (1985) directed by Lung Wei Wang!!! We wasnt to thank Karl and Matt for coming on the show, we had an absolute blast!"

Episode #233: Loren Avedon The King of the Kickboxers: "This week, with the graceful presence and help of the great Karl Brezdin of Fist of B-List blog fame, we are honored to bring you a review of The King of the Kickboxers (1990) starring Loren Avedon and Billy Blanks. We are also blessed with the presence of Loren for a near 2 hour interview that was just amazing!"

Midnite Ride #28: Tenement: "This time Karl and Matt review Tenement (1985) directed by Roberta Findlay!"

Midnite Ride #27: Bone: "Karl Brezdin and Mattsuzaka bring you coverage of Bone (1972) directed by Larry Cohen!"

Midnite Ride #25: Sakura Killers: "This time Mattsuzaka and Karl Brezdin review Sakura Killers (1987) directed by Wang Yu and Rusty Nelson and starring Chuck Connors and Mike Kelly!"

Midnite Ride #24: Double Impact: "Welcome to another Midnite Ride! This time Mattsuzaka and Karl Brezdin review Double Impact (1991) with Van Damme!"

Midnite Ride #22: Elves: "Karl Brezdin and Mattsuzaka bring you some holiday cheer with coverage of Elves (1989) directed by Jeffrey Mandel and starring Dan (Grizzly Adams) Haggerty!"

Episode 81- Sleazy Swan Song: "To cap off our celebration of the Sleazy Summer, we invited Karl Brezdin from the blog Fist of B-List to end this wonderful podcast event in style.  We cover the Italian sorta sequel Patrick Still Lives and we see what Corbin Bernsen and Chris Sarandon are doing slumming in Playboy Video stinker Temptress."

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