Fist of Further Reading: Guest Post on Rupert Pupkin Speaks

I was recently awakened from my sleepy, drunken summer stupor by our good friend Rupert Pupkin, who runs the excellent film blog, Rupert Pupkin Speaks and also contributes to The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema. For the better part of the last two months, he's been featuring the cream of the crop in "bad" movie selections from a bevy of film writing heavyweights. Despite my recent disappearance from the Internet, Rupert was kind enough to let me join a very talented and insightful group of writers to contribute to this series. Be sure to check out the whole damn thing.

Don't worry your pretty head, because new shit on Fist of B-List is coming soon. Until then, check out the guest post on a smattering of no good, very bad movies on the most excellent Rupert Pupkin Speaks!
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