Fist of Further Reading: The Death Rattle

This week finds us sharing a glistening, bicep-flexing embrace with Aaron from The Death Rattle and Mill Creeps podcast fame. I've known him for a few years now, and he's been a great advocate for my own writing as well as the work of everyone over at the terrific Gentlemen's Blog to Midnite Cinema. He writes, he podcasts, and I'm pretty sure he's a luchador on the weekends. His bread and butter is horror cinema but he's been known to throw on a denim jacket and some Otomix pants for the occasional martial arts b-movie review too.

Q: What is a first-time reader most likely to notice about your writing style?
A: That I have a tendency to be a bit rambly and take too long to get to the point. I can defend that by saying I try my best to paint a picture for whoever is reading my reviews, not just with words but with screenshots. I have a bad memory, so my blog is to mainly document the movies I watch so I can read my reviews a couple of years down the line and think "Oh, so that's what I thought of that movie!" But, while I'm at it, I try my best to sell people on the movies I cover, for better or worse.

Q: Which of your posts or ongoing features will give readers the best feel for your site and movie fandom?
A: The Top 10 Final Girls list I did with James Gracey of the Behind The Couch blog. I love slasher movies and I love strong female characters in genre films, so yeah. Speaking of Final Girls, I'm also proud of a double-feature review that I wrote of HALLOWEEN 4 and 5. It covers - for the most part - the arc of the Jamie Lloyd character from the HALLOWEEN series.

Q: What was the first martial arts movie you remember seeing?
A: I honestly can't remember. The earliest movie I have memories of that would fall under the Fist of B-List umbrella would be AVENGING FORCE. I remember being drawn to that film because the VHS artwork was really cool, and the guys in masks reminded me of GI JOE characters or something. As far as legit "martial arts" movies, I can't say.

Q: Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme, and why?
A: Both have individual traits that make them stand out from one another to me, but I gotta go with JCVD. He has more movies in his filmography that I consider favorites, and he hasn't become as much of a damaged shell of his former self as Seagal. Plus, he has an amazing ass.

Q: You've encountered a gang of mean dudes in denim jackets and Zubaz pants in an empty warehouse. You can arm yourself with a samurai sword, nunchucks, a baseball bat, or whatever is in the mystery box (no guns). Which do you choose and why?
A: I'd definitely go for the baseball bat. Nunchucks are out of the question because I'd probably cause more damage to myself than my enemies. Samurai swords are intimidating to me, so that wouldn't be my first choice either. Besides, you could do some serious damage with a baseball bat. I'd be like Dikembe Mutombo up in that mug. (He's a baseball player, right?) Oh, and you can bet that I'd be ganking me some of that Zubaz when it's all said and done.

L.A. Streetfighters / Low Blow (The Mill Creeps podcast)
American Kickboxer 1
Future Kick
Revenge of the Ninja
Deadbeat at Dawn

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  1. Aaron's ass is pretty on par with JCVD's. Not that I looked or anything like that.


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