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Direct to Video Connoisseur

I sometimes marvel at the fact we've been able to churn out so many reviews on such a narrow niche genre like Western chopsocky films. Then I look at the Direct to Video Connoisseur blog and his several hundred posts and I feel like a slack-jawed waster. He's well on his way to over a thousand posts; those are Rice/Ripken/Abdul-Jabbar numbers. Active for nearly four years, the DtVC is a great source for coverage of everything from Hauser to Hopper and Lundgren to Dudikoff and everything in between. He also counts FoBL favorites like Cynthia Rothrock and Gary Daniels among the many inductees to the DtVC Hall of Fame. His writing style is punchy but informative, and forgoes a ratings system in lieu of more contextualized opinion. As a bonus, he almost always notes the circumstances under which he acquires his film copies, which is helpful for comparative purposes when you’re about to drop $65 on a factory-sealed DVD of a Jeff Wincott movie.

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  1. Hey man, thank you very much for this mention, I really appreciate it. As you know I enjoy your site as well, and love what you have going on here with B-List actioners, and your great takes and hilarious captions in your screenshots. Thank you again, and keep up the great work!

  2. When I first came across DtVC's blog, I honestly thought it was you writing under an alias, Karl. In fact, I'm not entirely convinced you aren't the same person.

  3. Great review site. One of the best for DTV fans!

  4. @Aaron - You got us. It's a Brian Pillman / Yellow Dog scenario!

  5. I have to imagine Karl is shuddering at the mere thought of writing as many reviews as we've done at the DTVC, and then writing the ones for his own site as well. I think it works out better that we're separate people.


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