Fist of Further Reading: Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

After a long layoff, we're back with another installment of Fist of Further Reading, where we highlight a site, blog, or podcast that has similar cinematic leanings as Fist of B-List. You'll notice I've switched up the format; I'll be throwing five standard questions at the creator(s) and jumping out of the way as they kick the answers back at my head. Up to bat: Matt-suzaka, who runs the excellent genre film blog Chuck Norris Ate My Baby. Matt shares our love of Zubaz, wins Lammy awards, and usually rocks nothing but black silk underwear and a Members Only jacket.

Q: What is a first-time reader most likely to notice about your writing style?
A: I think that depends on what they read. I mostly do movie reviews, so depending on the movie, a review can either be humorous or serious in tone. For the most part, my more serious reviews are focused on characters and/or specific themes that certain movies might convey, whereas my humorous reviews are generally filled with ridiculous observations. However, any of the posts that I do write that aren’t movie review related are usually of a comedic tone, so I suppose that might be the most distinct aspect of my style that a new reader would notice. 

Q: Which of your posts or ongoing features will give readers the best feel for your site and movie fandom?
A: I actually believe the best way to get an idea of both my sense of humor and fandom would be found in my Dumpster Diving for Gold posts, which range from regular written blog posts to video blogs. With these posts/videos I focus on random movie related finds I make such as VHS tapes, DVDs and any other type of cool movie related items that I might come across on my adventures.

As for specific movie reviews that I think best express both my love of movies and my site would be recent-ish reviews for House at the End of the Street and 1978’s Youngblood. House at the End of the Street is definitely a prime example of my more sarcastic/humorous side, whereas Youngblood shows my more serious side. Both, however, are perfect examples of my sexy side.

Q: What was the first martial arts movie you remember seeing?
A: I suppose the key word here is “remember,” as I used to watch a lot of Kung Fu Theater as a kid, but I remember very little outside of some vague imagery of my physical surroundings. With that said, the first martial arts movie that I can confidently say that I remember seeing was one that likely left a memorable mark because of just how special of a film it is, and that would be Enter the Dragon. The impact that Enter the Dragon and especially Bruce Lee had on me at a very young age would create a ripple effect that has carried throughout my entire life. Lee’s influence on me as a film lover, a martial arts enthusiast and person is simply incredible, and I have a distinct feeling I am not alone.

Q: Steven Seagal or Jean-Claude Van Damme, and why?
A: This is a no brainer for me: it’s JCVD or GTFO. I do love me some Seagal (especially his knack for spotting crime using his Seagal-sense), but I’ve always been a Van Damme guy. Movies like Bloodsport, Double Impact, Kickboxer, and Universal Soldier were staples of my movie watching as a kid. Furthermore,  what he has done with the later half of his career is pretty impressive considering the rocky road he was traveling during the mid-point of his career.

Since making JCVD, in which he faced his demons head on in a career changing confessional scene, Van Damme’s career has really taken a turn for the better. The way he has embraced his age (as opposed to Seagal and his pitch black dye job) and his role as an action star and a personality has really shown in the films he is making now. There’s currently a pretty awesome little renaissance going on in the direct-to-video action market, and JCVD is right there on the front lines leading the troops. Also, black silk underwear. 

Q: You've encountered a gang of mean dudes in denim jackets and Zubaz pants in an empty warehouse. You can arm yourself with a samurai sword, nunchucks, a baseball bat, or whatever is in the mystery box (no guns). Which do you choose and why?
A: This is actually a much tougher decision than it seems, but no matter how long I ponder what weapon would best serve me in a battle against a group of Zubaz wearing punks, I find myself going back to the Samurai sword. I think what makes the Samurai sword such a viable weapon in a warehouse fight is just how much damage it can do to so many different thugs with very little effort on my part. You know, because I’m a master swordsman. A Samurai sword is light, it’s fast and it can cut through almost anything (including those pesky empty cardboard boxes), but most importantly, however, I look fucking hot when I use it, especially when I’m shirtless and covered in cocoa butter scented baby oil.


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