Hollywood Cop on the Gentlemen's Blog

In between grilling dead animals and shotgunning cheap beers during this last unofficial weekend of the summer, take a few minutes to check out a review of the 1987 cult action film Hollywood Cop over on The Gentlemen's Blog to Midnite Cinema. If you like movies where the villains are killed in ascending order of their importance to the story, you'll probably dig it.

And where would any 80s action movie be without ninjas? Up shit’s creek without a shuriken, that’s where. And yet, this is precisely where Hollywood Cop finds itself. While the baddies count a half-dozen martial artists among their ranks, ninja costumes just weren’t in the budget so they had to settle for street clothes. This is only one of several missteps in Iranian director Amir Shervan's American debut. Be sure to check out the film.

2-MINUTE (OR SO) HOLLYWOOD COP! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

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  1. Really want to see this, since Samurai Cop left me with a strong The Hell Am I Watching? face. Interesting that this one is the more polished (albeit slightly) of the two; I wonder if watching a Shervan joint with established and competent actors would make it even more of a WTF factor than his follow-up. Whatever the case, this was a typically top-notch write-up from you, Karl.


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