Fist of Further Reading: Exiled from Contentment

Exiled from Contentment

Unlike a lot of sites I like to highlight, I have very little content overlap with Exiled from Contentment. I call him out almost solely because he's one of my favorite film writers to read, whether he's covering Michael Bay movies or a sizzling chop of 1970s genre cinema like Prime Cut. Memories are hazy, but I think I came across EFC initially while performing drunken web searches for Kill Squad or Hard Target or Albert Pyun. Most important, it’s the only blog for which I routinely violate my rule about avoiding posts in excess of 1500 words. EFC has a self-effacing, rant-like style of writing laced with profanity and coated with pure gold and he looks at new and old films alike. Even better, he’s one of many lucky bastards who lives within traveling distance of the Tarantino-owned New Beverly Cinema and his write-ups of their double features are required reading.

Jump-Off Post: Hard Target


  1. Ugh. My last comment didn't appear to register (not even a CAPTCHA entry was offered), so in case I'm making the infamous Make-You-Look-Like-A-Douchebag dreaded double post, well, sorry, man.

    But yeah, thank you so much for this post, Karl. My ego is properly satiated for a good long while with this one. Definitely have to do another New Bev post again, it's been a while since I've gone there. I'm thinking maybe the next time Kevin Smith brings Red State over, otherwise I'll do one on the Horrorthon (that is, if they have another one). Once again, thanks!

  2. No double-dip registered on my side, so you're good for the time being, but you've raised my suspicions on your future comments.

    I'm always happy to share/promote work that I dig, so this was an easy one. My only regret is not linking directly to your incredible Shakma review or pointing out that you're often blazed out of your gourd when you watch these movies. Would people read you more or less if they knew that? I think the former.


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